Depict Essence Media Solutions has been delivering results since we opened in 2014.  Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.  We picked the name of our Company because it conveys exactly what our mission is; to bring out the soul of your company and be able to get that across to your future Customers.

The owner, Michelle Miller,  has worn a few hats professionally. She has worked as a FL Licensed General Contractor since 2005, a FL licensed Home Inspector and with a business partner,  built a plumbing business from the ground up to a million dollar company. 

As a teenager, Michelle studied Business and was chosen with a select few, to work an adminstrative internship with IBM in Kingston NY her Senior Year of High School.  She attended Krissler Business Institute and Florida Gulf Coast University, where she completed her academic career with a degree in Computer Applications in Business Management.  

In addition to her construction experience, Michelle also worked in Healthcare.  She has over 20 years experience as both a Pharmacy Technician and a Patient Care Unit Secretary in Critical Care and Oncology, in both hospital and home health settings.

Due to her computer and technical aptitude, a large portion (10 years) of her hospital experience was conducting training for staff members on new software and Operating Systems.  She would travel and attend training seminars with software companies, then be responsible for training hospital staff members on the functionality of the software.

In her last Corporate position, she traveled throughout the US and Canada implementing Pharmacy Automation and Inventory Management Software and Hardware.  It was her responsiblity to set up the Hospital Pharmacy’s inventory and teach pharmacy personnel how to implement an efficient workflow in their environment with this new innovative technology. 

Michelle has been setting up businesses for success since 2004.  She has the administrative, branding, Computer and R&D skills needed to accomplish that success.  Depict Essence Media Solutions was developed due to word of mouth and customer referral.  Her Client Industries include Hair Salons, Healthcare Facilities, Interior Designers, Construction Trades, Musicians, Artists, Real Estate Brokers and Physician Offices.

Find out for yourself, why so many people love working with us!

Call us today to schedule an appointment with us so we can chat over some coffee about what Depict Essence can do for you and your business.  We are customer-focused and don’t make promises we cannot keep.  Our work ethic is such that we will work longer hours if we have to in order to reach our deadline’s.  Even more important is that we do not try and up-sell any of our Services. After consulting with you, we will put together a unique package specifically meeting the goals we discussed.


We (non-literally) step into you and your business’ shoes.

From the intial communication with you, no matter if you are inquiring about Social Media Management or Website Services, we will begin our assessment of your business Industry. We listen to your story and the path that led you to the need for a “business” website. We default to saying “business”, but it is a blanket term to encompass whatever it is that you have found to be your passion. It could be a page about your band, your ballet or your dog Bowser. Irregardless, it is part of our passion to listen, empathize, associate and then turn all that into a visible creation of your “storefront”; your Online existence. We named our Company Depict Essence because of this acute ability to bring our customer’s “feel” to their website.