Facebook has made a permanent page for Safety Check, its feature for letting others know that you are safe during an emergency.

A promotional photo shows the new Facebook Safety Check page displaying what is essentially a news feed of tragic events — including a collapse, fire, and typhoon – and people checking off that they are safe. You can even explore disasters “around the world.”

It’s a bit unsettling, but Facebook seems to have built it and made it a priority to launch in recognition of the terrorist attacks and extreme weather events that do unfortunately happen at times. First responders have reacted positively to this new service.

Facebook recently added the ability for people to make donations and offer help during disasters, so creating a hub where users can go to find everything makes a great deal of organized sense.  Previously, the only way to access Safety Check was if you were first prompted to mark yourself safe.

Even with this update, Safety Check is still pretty buried inside the app. On mobile, you have to go to the far right screen and scroll down until you find the icon amongst dozens of other Facebook features. This is why it is important to become familiar with its location and keep up with any changes that may still be upcoming.

Facebook says the new section will be rolling out over “the upcoming weeks,” beginning today.

Please contact our team at Depict Essence Media Solutions if you have any questions we can help answer for you, or help guide you through the process of Safety Check.

Michelle Miller @ Depict Essence Media Solutions
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