Managed Word Press

Depict Essence offers monthly and annual contracts to manage your websites’ core, theme and plug-in update’s.  These updates are absolutely essential and vital to the health of your website.  Our staff will check the condition of your website daily and will run important updates as they are released.  A thorough quality check will also be made to all of your website pages after running these updates to ensure that these updates did not impact your content.  Updates are especially relevant in order to maintain all aspects of your website and it’s security.   If you are a business owner and do not want to deal with the labor and technical end of maintaining the health of your website, just ask us and we can handle this for you. 

Domain Registration & WordPress Hosting

We are willing and able to rid you of the confusing and chaotic project of becoming a part of the World Wide Web.   We can register your domain & offer hosting without the daunting task of calling other well-known company’s.  Almost always, you will find that every important individual feature ends up an additional add-on fee with these company’s.  There is SO much to learn when it comes to hosting. The average consumer is at a deficit to these large profitable companies that typically don’t give you the best bang for your buck, although they advertise the opposite.  We will give you a straightforward monthly price and it will include everything that you need to run a safe and efficient WordPress website.  No games…Whatsoever.

We are super pro-active with the type of hosting that we offer and recommend.  Due to the security issues that abound in our world of hackers and criminals, our company offers a hosting program that is specifically set-up for WordPress websites.  We like to recommend our Private hosting with Malware, SSL and daily backups to help keep the battle walls high.  If this is not a concern of yours, or you are on a more strict budget; we also have shared hosting plans that we would be happy to tell you about..

Social Media Management

Every business needs to have some Social Media online presence.  We know we that some people do not agree with this. Surely there may be some businesses that don’t feel like they need it, but we guarantee that they can always do better with it.  The more positive marketing your business puts out there in an interactive form, the more your Company is going to be known.  The more you can stir up in consistent and tasteful interaction, the more consumers will want to follow, learn more and be a part of your brand.  We will represent your company responsibly, not only because your image will be a reflection of ours; but because we are passionate about company’s doing well and keeping this economy booming.

WordPress Website Set-Up and Design

We offer full WordPress Set up including setting up your domain, offering hosting plans and building a WordPress Website to get your business ready for its’ online presence.  Our designers can take a WordPress blank canvas and create a modern, lead generating website that represents your brand and company values.

Click here for a link to a blog we wrote that highlight’s WordPress Pro’s and Con’s.  It will also give you a better understanding of what a Content Management System (CMS) is and why it is a smart choice for any type of Website you are wanting to create.