Michelle Miller Photography

Michelle Miller has been an avid fine art photographer for over 20 years specializing in Nature, Architectural and Human Interest Photography.  As the anchor talent of Depict Essence Media Solutions, our passion for creativity is inspired by her love of photography and story telling through visual mediums.  As a photo-journalistic photographer, Michelle Miller Photography continually challenges herself to find a new angle and use available light to create incredibly dynamic images. Having expanded her services to include live venue Photography over the last several years, Michelle has worked exclusively with 3 Tribute bands in South Florida for the last three years  lending her considerable talents to filming their video clips and photo shoots.  Michelle is admired for her ability to blend aesthetics with the technical aspects of photography, giving the audience a whole new perspective on her subjects they might not have considered previously.   Depict Essence has been blessed with exclusive access to a vast portfolio of Michelle’s images that we proudly apply to many of our Social Media and Website Projects.

Fine Art Prints

You can enjoy a small sampling of Michelle’s work through the slide show below provided by Fine Art America or you can order prints by going directly to her FineArtAmerica website here.  If there is an item you would like to order from the larger gallery displayed at the bottom of this page, please contact us and we will supply a watermark-free image to Fine Art America the same day for your print ordering pleasure.   We welcome feedback on Michelle’s work, so please feel free to contact us by emailing depictessence@gmail.com or by clicking the contact us form link here.

Please go to the bottom right of the video and click on Full Screen View for the best viewing.

Our Gallery:

The Gallery below is a more complete selection of images from our Portfolio.  Watermarks can be removed when you contact us prior to ordering your prints, canvas or other accessories through Fine Art America.  You can peruse Michelle’s own personal gallery to see all of her photograph’s available for sale by following this link.