Wordpress Blog CMS

WordPress Blog CMS

Information about WordPress Websites:

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). Content Management Systems allow YOU to manage your website from a user friendly interface.

Changes to your website are made from an Administration area which is quite easy to understand and get around.

While there are many types of CMS out there, WordPress is the most popular one.  It powers nearly 28% of all websites on the internet at the time this blog was written.  Out of all types of website systems, WordPress works on its own structurally; integrating with Google Search results.  SEO dynamics are still necessary to implement, but from the get-go the setup correlates with Google Bots.

Advantages of Using:

Easy to Update – You can simply login to your WordPress website and add new pages without paying your developer. It is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface. This will make it easy for you to create or update pages to your website.

Professional Templates – Professional Templates with Themes are available that are developed by professionals from all over the world.

Incredibly Powerful – WordPress websites can be easily extended with plug-ins. By installing plug-ins, you can add any functionality to your website.  Some example’s would be: adding a contact form, a reservation system or a photo gallery.  Companies that build these websites will know the best-of-the-best plug-ins, as there are thousands of plug-in’s to choose from.

Full control and Ownership – You get full control of your website, its domain name, and all of its’ contents. The Administrator can make any changes they want.  There is no limit to the amount  of growth in popularity, traffic, sales, and users!

Disadvantages of Using:

Learning Curve – While it is easy to use, it takes a while for most beginners to get familiar with the software.

Maintenance – The Administrator will be responsible for keeping all installed plugins, and themes up-to-date.  You can also use a company who is well-versed with WordPress who can do this for you.  Find out more information on our Services for Managed WordPress Plans here.

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